Evelyn's 7 month update

This month has been lovely & this week George has taken time off of work to finish building the shed so it's been really nice spending more time with him. I didn't have time to get Evelyn weighed this morning (I will try to remember for next Wednesday) because I was busy trying on wedding dresses, which was amazing. Today is also my cousin Alexia's 24th birthday & little Matilda's 3rd birthday so I want to say happy birthday to both of them, all in all today's been a good one. I hope you've all had a lovely day too & I hope you're enjoying Autumn as much as I am.

Age: 7 months
Weight/Height: She's grown, but I can't tell you exactly how much. When I get a second I will get the measuring tape out & I'll have her weight next Wednesday.
Sizes: As always sizes vary between stores. Her wardrobe ranges from 3-6 months to 9-12 months. Her nappy size is 4 though, that's pretty consistent in every brand...
Sleep&food: Apart from the nights where her teeth or her cold is annoying her Evelyn sleeps through the night from around 8 - 7 which is great. Food wise: I'm still breastfeeding but Evelyn has 3 meals a day on top of that so her milk intake is a lot less than it was before. For breakfast she has porridge & then lunch or dinner is just a smaller unsalted version of what we have. She also drinks water from a sippy-cup or a glass depending on whats available.
Evelyn's favourite thing: Her Minnie Mouse toy that Aimee bought for her, she snuggles it a lot. & pears, she likes pears. 

My favourite thing: Her Baby Gap Peplum hoodie (RRP £19.95) that Linda bought for her. I find it adorable that there is such a small hoodie in existence & it's perfect for this weather. The joggers are pretty awesome too.
Milestones: Evie now sits unassisted as happily as she lays down, she also goes from sitting to her tummy seamlessly which is so funny to watch. There are also another 2 teeth in the mix - her top two. They have an absolutely scrummy money gap in the middle too.
Best moment: This morning was pretty amazing. I didn't think trying on wedding dresses would be so emotional.

What we've learnt: That I love autumn, Evelyn has a great sense of humor & how to put together a shed.
Looking forward to:Having the shed completely finished, my next wedding dress appointment, George coming to Evies swimming lesson on Saturday & picking up the photos from Evelyn's photoshoot.

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