Two Front Teeth - NCT Shoot

A few weeks ago I got the NCT mums from our group together to talk about having a professional photo taken of all of us as a memory. I had personally taken a few snap shots here & there (like this one) but I hadn't managed to get one of all of us so I thought the nicest way would be to go to a studio. I was booked in to get Evelyn's portrait done at Two Front Teeth so I thought, if I was impressed, I would ask John the photographer to take our NCT photo. Obviously I was impressed & so I managed to find a time that we were all free for John to squeeze in a group shoot.

The studio has just moved premises so these photos are actually of what is the Two Front Teeth framers but never the less I wanted to include them because it was all part of the experience & I will write about their new premises when I visit them to pick up our photos of Evelyn.

We got to the studio at just before 1:00 & somehow all of us with our babies in car seats managed to comfortably sit around while chatting & getting ready. I was worried that it would be complete chaos but John just let us do what we needed to do & was really relaxed. The photo was shot in two groups of three to make it panoramic which I personally think looks lovely.

I'm not going to talk too much about the experience as I'll write more about that when I visit the new studio at a later date but I couldn't recommend Two Front Teeth more highly. Everyone is so pleased with how the photo looks & I think that it's such a great memory of our babies first friends. It'll be really interesting to see who stays in touch & I think it would be awesome to try & get a similar shot in a few years time.

Emilie with Freddie, Bella with Evelyn, Hannah with Olly, Adelia with Arvo, Jess with Amarah, Katharine with Rose.

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