The White Room - Minchinhampton

Last week I started the search for my wedding dress. It may sound a bit silly starting the search before we've picked a venue but doing it this way around was perfect for me because I wanted that 'kick' to help me feel like the wedding was real & nothing will do that quite as well as seeing yourself all in white. We spent the morning at The White Room in Minchinhampton & I couldn't have asked for a more incredible experience to start off my search.

I've said before that I believe the experience of buying is as important as what you buy & it's surprised me how many people that I've spoken to have said that they really didn't enjoy their dress shopping. I've been told that it's stressful & impersonal, with pushy sales people & cramped rooms but The White Room could not be further from that.

Each appointment is exclusive so you really feel special & you don't have any pressure to rush or feel uncomfortable about not quite fitting in to that size 10. I booked my appointment for a Wednesday so that mum could come along & I double checked that it was okay for me to bring Evelyn & that it would be okay for me to take photographs (both absolutely fine).

It was really rainy weather so when we arrived with sodden pushchair I couldn't help but feel nervous for their white carpet but Lesley was really sweet & after taking our coats she politely parked it on the weather mat by the door. We then sat in front of this fabulous rail of dresses, Prosecco (water for me) in hand & were introduced to some of the pieces. I was really pleased that there wasn't an overwhelming amount because I'm not great with choice but the variety of styles was brilliant. Dresses Ranged from vintage looking lace numbers to full skirts princess styles. The dresses were ordered by designer which really helped me see how individual each designers style is.

I think that it's really important to keep an open mind about what dresses to try so I picked a few pieces that I hadn't imagined myself in & Lesley picked a further few that she thought I should try "for size." The chosen dresses were taken up to the changing area on the first floor that is next to their mirrored catwalk.

I felt different in each dress: Some made me feel like a princess & some made me feel like a movie star but all of them made me feel pretty, which is something that I haven't felt for a really long time. I didn't realise how overwhelmed I would feel but I can tell you that I cried a bit in the appointment & I sobbed several times after we left. Before going in I had an vague idea of how I wanted our wedding to be & after we left I really felt like everything unfolded in my mind, I was truly inspired to get planning & I've since booked viewings of venues, shortlisted photographers & started pinning on my wedding board again.

For the appointment I wore leggings & a comfortable top because I wanted to have something easy to change in & out of but the truth is the only thing that's really important is wearing underwear that you're not bothered about being seen in. I'd recommend nude coloured if you have any.

The rooms were all stunning, spotlessly clean, classy but not intimidating. I felt special & comfortable & very well looked after. I'm not going to talk in detail about the dresses in this post & I'm not sure that I have found 'the dress' but there were two designers that I really fell in love with: Stewart Parvin & Jenny Packam so true to my personality I am going to take my time to continue reflecting on how I felt in their dressed & I would like to go back with the girls to get their opinion.

I feel so lucky that I'm aloud to do that, I know that there are only a few dress shops that would be as laid back & I feel so blessed to have this shop on our doorstep. I would recommend The White Room to every bride-to-be (local or otherwise) & I want to say a massive thank you for how incredible the experience has been for me so far. I can't wait to go back.

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