Spice Racks in the Bathroom

I bought a few Ikea Spice Racks (RRP £3) a while back with the intention of having them in the kitchen but they didn't look quite right & I'm pretty fussy about the way my kitchen looks because I spend so much time in there. They ended up staying on my window sill for a few weeks before I decided that I didn't want to return them anymore & went about trying to find them a home.

I stained them with Beeswax so that they would match the oak accents in our house & after I rebuilt them I found that they fit perfectly behind the door of our bathroom. I really like open storage because I feel like it makes me be more tidy & also encourages me to throw out items that I don't use any more. I'm not personally a fan of traditional glass shelves that you get for bathrooms because I always associate glass with breakables & I am super clumsy so our house has a lot of wood in which makes this perfect. Not to mention this was an absolute bargain: The wax, the 4 spice racks & the screws to fix them to the wall all came in under £20.

Some of you may think having spice rack in the bathroom is pretty ridiculous, but I'm all for thinking outside of the box; especially when you have minimal storage space in your home. I've seen them used as magazine racks, children's book shelves or just plain spice racks & if you fancy making them a bit more characteristic you could always paint them in bright colours

What would you use them for?

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