A day out - Slimbridge Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust

On Sunday my lovely parents invited us to join them for a stroll around Slimbridge WWT. I'm a bit of a animal lover & the center is somewhere close by so I've visited it a few time before. This was the first time I've taken Evie however & although she's a bit young to really appreciate everything it has to offer I think she enjoyed the new sounds & smells & when she was awake she seemed really happy looking at the vibrant colours of the plants & birds. I try to take her on a daily walk so we can both get some fresh air & it's great to have places like this nearby that are beautiful & pushchair friendly so that I can have a change of scenery every once in a while.

The entry cost for an adult donating gift aid is £11.60 or to become a member & get free access for a year the cost is £38, children under 4 go free. We spent a little over 4 hours there & enjoyed every minute. I could type a lot about this center but I didn't want this post to be about my opinion of a place so instead I want to share some snapshots that I took on the day. I don't have a fancy camera so the images don't do it justice but I hope that they might inspire you to take a visit yourself - it's well worth it & if you have a friend or family member who like this sort of thing a years membership would be a lovely gift idea. When you visit make sure you bring a pound for bird seed & have your kids wear wellies for welly boot land.

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