Baby Outfit - Evie's Favourite

I know that it's not particularly sophisticated but there is so much that I love about this photograph: Evie's chubby thighs, how snug she looks, the fact that she's asleep & obviously her little outfit. I don't buy a lot of clothes for Evie by any means but I do have some that I've had to stop myself from buying in every size & what she's wearing are some of those items so I thought I'd share them with you.

Bow headband - Handmade
Dribble Bib - Organic for kids (RRP £7.90)
Cardigan - Zara (no longer available)
Dress - H&M (RRP £5.99)
Shoes - Vans (RRP £20)

If I had to pick one item that I think is the best it would be the dress - you can't tell particularly well in this photograph but it's got a sewn-in body suit which makes things SO MUCH more simple. You don't really need any little bloomers to cover babies nappy & you don't need another bodysuit underneath like you would a normal dress - it's lazy at its finest & I absolutely adore it.

Have you seen any other dresses made this way? Please email me a link if you have, I would love to stock up on some more & if you've got a little girl in your life I'd strongly recommend these for her wardrobe.

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