Evelyn's 5 month update

I've had a super busy 5 month 'birthday' with Evelyn: I'm utterly exhausted. I fell asleep on the living room floor two hours ago & only just realised I hadn't written today's post. I'm not really sure why I'm so tired but I apologise in advance if very little of what I type today makes sense. My brain is porridge. 

Age: 5 months :)Weight/Height: She is around 66cm's & when we weighed her on Wednesday she was 16lb 5oz which means that she's put on more than a pound in less than a month! Crazy chubby baby girl.
Sizes: I've got to be honest here. I kind of guess with her sizes, It's tricky because baby clothes aren't really something that you can take to a changing room & they're not consistent with all brands so generally if I'm buying something new I'll buy it in a 6-9 moth or 9-12 month so that I can avoid the frustration of buying anything too small. 

Sleep&food: Evie has bath time at 7 each evening just before her night time milk. I read her some Beatrix Potter when she''s eating & then I'll leave her to play with her bear in the cot & she'll generally fall asleep on her own & wake up around 7am for more milk. I'll take her down just before 8 so that we can have breakfast & she'll watch some TV which we're eating, after that she'll have some more milk & crash out for the first of her daily naps. The rest of her naps & feeds in the day are pretty random & depend entirely on what we're doing but she's started showing a real interest in what we eat so I let her sit in her highchair while I have lunch & she'll chew on some apples. It's SO CUTE. 
Evelyn's favourite thing: Galia mellon: She doesn't really 'eat' it but she really chews on it & the rough skin means that can grip on to it well. She's still showing signs of teething so is always searching for things with a nice texture for her gums & I guess the texture is pretty perfect for her. She also loves her teething rattle for exactly the same reason but I can't for the life of me find it online anywhere. This one's kind of similar though.

My favourite thing: I have fallen in love with so many items in Evelyn's wardrobe this month. Now that she's getting a little bit bigger everything seems to look that much cuter on her.Two of my favourites are pictured above: the top was a gift from my Mormor & is by a brand called Molo & the shoes that she's wearing are by Daisy Roots.
 Milestones: Soooooo obviously the big one is that Evelyn is trying out solid food. I will talk a bit about this in an other post because I have a lot to say about it but I had to share it here because it's unbelievably exciting for us. She also went for her first ever swimming lesson which was awesome.
Best moment: Swimming has to be one of them. There was something absolutely incredible about seeing this tiny baby so happy in the water & having her trust you so much. I felt so connected to her & I was really proud. Queue tears.
What we've learnt: Food is fun, swimming is fun, babies like seeing new places & giggling is the most incredible gift.
Looking forward to: My bed. I'm exhausted.

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