Tomte - Blogmas Day 21

We have a few Tomte scattered around the house, watching over the presents until Christmas eve & looking rather adorable while doing so.

The three in the picture above are on loan from my parents & they're currently perched next to the TV making our living room a little more festive. They're so cute & cheerful & they hold a vintage charm that I love so much.

The chappy below is currently standing on our landing windowsill next to our little Poinsettia. He's handmade by Vättar och Väsen & is absolutely beautiful. I vaguely remember when he started starring in our family Christmases but I wasn't fully aware, before this year, that he belongs to me & I'm so excited to have him. I'll pass him along the family as a festive heirloom. I love him.

I can't find anything on the internet that I like as much as these 4 but I've found a few that I think are pretty cute, so if you do want some Tomte charm in your home then these are some fun designs:

30CM bearded Tomte (£22.95)
Needle Felted Tomte (£25.11)
Woodsman Tomte ($59)
Tomte with bell ($56.95) 
China Tomte ($55)

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