Picking our Christmas tree - Blogmas Day 8

This morning George & I went to buy our very first real Christmas tree from a farm local to us. We were recommended them by our friends & as we have the truck we offered to take them along so that we could pick our trees together.

I wasn't really sure what to expect but I was childishly excited & not remotely disappointed. There were rows of gorgeous trees ranging from 1.2 M - 3 M high, we chose a 1.5M Nordman & our friends chose a 1.8 M Nordman with a wooden base.

They also had Norwegian Firs, both potted & cut, that were a little less expensive & are more blue/green than the tree we opted for. Apparently our choice has 'no drop' needles which is why we were convinced to part with more cash but only time will tell if that is actually the case.

Because we're borrowing a stand from my parents we didn't need to buy the separate base but I was sorely tempted as they looked amazing. Each stand was a cut of tree trunk that had a small hole drilled into the center & if you wanted one your tree of choice was popped in to what is effectively an over sized pencil sharpener to resize the end & then it was slotted in. Easy as that.

After it was paid for the tree was packed in a netting that kept it compact & then taken to the car. Everyone was really sweet & the chap who helped us with our tree was really patient with me. I looked at several different sizes before picking our tree because I was so worried that none of them would fit in our living room. But this one does & I love it. I'll be posting about it tomorrow.

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