Evelyn's 9 month update Blogmas day 16

While writing this Evelyn is in her door bouncer twirling round & around in circles. She's become obsessed with making herself dizzy. If she's not twirling then she's shaking her head from side to side (like she's telling you no) until she gets a drunk smile on her face. It's pure comedy genius.

I've really enjoyed making the home Christmassy for her first year of celebrations. I know that she's too young to appreciate it but I'm hoping to get a fair few snap shots of her by the tree & although we're not really exchanging gifts I've got a few little token items for her to open & I'm going to have the camera poised for that too.

Age: 9 months
Weight/Height: I've noticed that Evelyn has looked taller recently but I decided to wait until this morning to measure her as a bit of a surprise & she is 74CM, exactly the same as last month. I guess she's looking taller because she's getting leaner from all the roaming around but I did think she would be longer. Last months weigh-in session was rather unpleasant for a friend of mine & I've made the decision not to go back there so we don't have Evelyn's weight this month. I don't want to talk about it too much, but for any other mums out there that have an unkind health visitor or nursery nurse don't be afraid to make a complaint. Noone deserves to feel as though they're not doing a good job at raising their child just because they're not breast fed/baby lead weaned/wearing re-uasable nappies. Happy & healthy are the most important things.
Sizes: We're still using 4+ nappies & in truth Evelyn's growth has slowed down a bit so there's not a lot of change on the clothing front either. I've got a feeling that we're going to notice less physical change & more mental change for the next few months.
Sleep&food: Last night Evelyn slept from 8 until 7, but that's pretty unheard of.She has her off days like every baby & when we all had our cold she wasn't going down until 10 & then waking at 2 & 6. Food is the same as last month as well.
Evelyn's favourite thing: Her toothbrush. Now that she has 6 teeth & is eating anything/everything we're (well I am) fastidious about her oral hygiene & Evelyn gets so excited when it's tooth-brushing-time. She "brushes" her own teeth while I brush mine & then I help her brush with the tiniest amount of toothpaste when I'm done. Apart from that: Her favourite game is 'feeding' you whatever she has in her hand - sharing is caring.
My favourite thing: Her baby gap bear suit.
Milestones: Evie can happily push herself up to sitting on her own now & started crawling officially on the 8th, though she was doing the odd shuffle before then. She also has 6 teeth that are all through fully & she  looks adorable! She is pulling herself up to standing where ever she can as well which is nerve-racking: We've had a few bumped heads. She can also say mama & mum & she said dada for the first time on the 9th. I'm still not convinced that she knows what those sounds mean so I'm resisting calling any of them her first word. But maybe they are. She's also started giving kisses this month which is lovely. She had been trying for a while but they ended up being bites & that was a rather painful learning curve,
Best moment: Picking our Christmas tree, Evelyn crawling & finding out that our friend had given birth to a beautiful baby girl! Congratulations!

What we've learnt: We still love Christmas, real trees are catnip to babies (& to cats), crawling babies are as exhausting as the rumors say, bruises are inevitable & Alfie (our cat) loves Evelyn.
Looking forward to: Christmassssssssss, Christmas eve, Christmas carols, Christmas food & meeting baby H. 

Special thanks to Emilie Sandy for taking the cute-as-a-button photo of Evelyn as an elf. Check out last months update for Evelyn as an angel & keep your eyes peeled for a post all  about our photo shoot experience which will be published soon.

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