A look back over 2013

It snowed.
We got engaged.
My Daddy turned 50.
I took photos of my ever growing tummy.
And welcomed our baby girl to the world.
My grandparents celebrated 50 years of marriage.
We bought a house.

I got crafty.
Got hooked on nail art.
And creating outfits.
Sometimes I posted makeup looks.
But mostly I shared my favourites.
We celebrated every day with Evelyn.
And had her Christened.
We dug a hole.
And filled it.
My mamma turned 50.
I dressed up for Halloween
Then dressed Evelyn up.
We dressed her up for Christmas too.
And Alfie the cat.
We bought our first ever Christmas tree.
Baked a lot.
Ate a lot.
Smiled a lot.
And Celebrated a lot.

I've had the most beautiful year. It's a been a year full of so many amazing things. More than I could include in this little post. It's been a year for family, for friends, for good food, for supporting each other, for making memories, & remembering beautiful people & beautiful times.

Thank you so much for reading what I write, for subscribing & for all of your lovely emails. Happy New Year everyone!

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