Our Christmas Tree - Blogmas Day 9

I've fallen head over heels in love with our little tree that we bought yesterday. It's dressed a little more than I've shown in these pictures but I wasn't sure that I wanted to share it all decorated because it's such a personal thing.

The base that we've got was utterly terrifying to use. It's like a bear trap & I'm already dreading getting the tree out of there after Christmas. We stood it on a sheepskin because I didn't want it scratching our floor & I'm really glad that we did because it made repositioning the tree a lot easier.

So far the promise of 'no drop needles' is pretty much spot on. Granted it is only the first day but I've known other trees to drop as soon as they're touched, so I'm going to take it as a good sign. It's lovely & full, smells amazing & fits perfectly. We could possibly have gotten away with a slightly taller tree but with height the spread tended to be more & this is definitely as wide as would have fit our room.

It now, officially, feels like Christmas at our little home & I love it. So does Alfie.

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