Baby friends

Amarah, Olly, Evelyn & Freddie

You know when you're young & you plan out your life to the year: "I'll have started a career by 23, be married by 25, have my first baby at 27 etc"? My plans went further than that: I decided at a very young age that I wanted to be pregnant at the same time as my best friend. Obviously, real life doesn't work that way but being the first couple in our friendship group to get pregnant still really scared me because I wanted to know someone that was going through the same thing as me. I wanted to compare notes, check that certain things were normal & part of me wanted our child to have a baby friend or two right from the start.

My mum & dad went to an NCT course when they were pregnant with me so mum really encouraged me to sign up & I've mentioned before how glad I am that we did. It costs a fair amount but I would happily pay it all again just to meet the other first time parents. Our babies were all born within a month of each other so we can see similarities in their behavior, bitch & moan about little issues, share tips & just generally support each other.

Yesterday was Hannah's (Olly's mum's) birthday so we met for lunch in town at the Lockkeepers & I thought it would be perfect to get a little snap shot of these 4 to pop into Evelyn's ever-growing photo album. I don't know that they'll stay friends forever but I think it's amazing that at 5 months Evie does have little friends her own age & I love that I am actually going through parenthood with friends. I would hugely recommend the NCT anti natal courses to anyone who's expecting a baby: They're worth every penny.

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