Cotswold Wildlife Park - Keeper for a day.

This blog post is long over due but here it is: My first ever throwback Thursday post.

A few years ago, on my 21st birthday, I was gifted with a 'keeper for a day' experience at Cotswold Wildlife Park. I wasn't really sure if the people who gifted it to me would feel comfortable with being mentioned publicly so I won't name them, but this this post is dedicated to them: They are two of the most selfless people that I know, they feel like family & I truly believe that I am a better, happier person because of their kindness. I cannot thank you enough.

I don't mention it a lot but I'm a huge animal lover & this experience is the ultimate animal lover's day out. I got to work with the lovely staff & get close to some of the most extraordinary animals. George came along so I have a few photos of the day & I picked these to share with you in the hope that you might be encouraged to give it a try. I genuinely get emotional thinking about what an amazing time I had & I want to say a massive thank you again to the people that made it possible.

The day was so full of amazing things: I held crocodiles & snakes, hand fed penguins & lemurs, tickled rhinos (they are so unbelievably soft) & hugged a giant tortoise. I saw first hand some of the hard work that goes in to running Cotswold wildlife park & I learned so much. I believe the experience will forever stay as one of the most amazing days of my life. I mean, seriously, how many people can say that they've stick fed a lion?

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