Making an album - photobox prints

I have a 'to do' list on my phone that I wrote just after new years, it's sort of like a resolutions lists but I add & take away from it when I fancy. One of the first things I wrote was: To start a baby photo album. I bought a pink linen traditional photo album (RRP £25) & some photo mounts (RRP £2.25) from Paperchase & I've been taking photos almost every day since Evelyn was born.

As a congratulations on her birth I received 60 credits for photobox. I didn't use them straight away as I didn't want to waste them just because they were free, but after staring at my laptop screen for hours last week I decided to just go ahead & pick 60 photos (including the ones on this post) to order as prints. I love the way that photos look when they're printed & I figured that I would be able to chose photos for the album easier when they were in front of me on the floor as apposed to on a screen. I didn't pick all of them for the album but they're such good value that I don't mind at all.

The upload process is really easy, as is signing up for their services. I also really like the layout of their website & they offer a lot of different products outside of standard prints that are easy to search for & browse through.

The price per print is 12p but goes down depending on how many prints you order at any one time. If you're anything like me & have a tendency of getting carried away when adding items to a basket I would highly recommend deciding how many prints you want to order & picking your images before beginning to upload.

I chose UK first class delivery (from £1.99) & I received my prints 1 working day after ordering. The prints are really great quality & came boxed in two plastic cases to protect them, these were placed in a protective brown envelope with my delivery address on.

I've started organising the prints into my album & I love how old school the whole process feels. Although I would never want to be without the convenience of digital photos I much prefer looking through photo albums than photos on my laptop screen & I'm really looking forward to showing Evie the album when she's old enough. I have nothing but praise for photobox, I am so happy with the prints & the entire process from start to finish was straight forward & took barely any time at all. I will definitely be using them for the next set of prints & would recommend them to anyone. 

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