Sudeley Castle - spring grand sale.

On Friday mum, Evie & I took a little road trip to Sudeley Castle in Winchcombe which is a 50 minute drive from where we are. Neither mum or I had ever been there & to be honest with you I didn't even know it existed (shameful I know, but I do live in a bubble). The town looks like a really cute Cotswold town & I would like to have a nose around there sometime but Friday was all about the spring grand sale.

As mum needed to stop at Moran's on the way I figured it would be silly not to treat myself to a cream tea (which came with butter not cream, but was lovely none the less.) Although Moran's has nothing to do with Sudeley castle I thought it was a really gorgeous eatery & I figured I should give it a mention. I'd definitely recommend popping by if you're going to be in Cheltenham at some point.

The castle was easy to find & there was plenty of parking on the grounds. The show was in a large tent & there were garden stalls set up outside with everything from light weight branch cutters to a massive giraffe sculpture (not entirely sure how you'd get that one home.) Inside the tent the stalls were set up in rows & there was a food hall at the back.

We made a beeline for the food section of the tent & ended up spending £20 on olives from Khayri Olives. It wasn't entirely our choice that we spend that much as the chappy on the stall didn't exactly wait to see how big a bag we wanted, but they are super yummy & they "will last six months in your fridge ladies." We also treated ourselves to some Bokaj Cashew Baklava AKA the happiest way to become obese. If anyone has any idea how to make these beauties please email me, I am hooked!

Anyone who knows me will know how much I love country chic home decor. I have every intention of filling my home with pillows, sheepskin rugs & blankets, so obviously I was drawn to the majority of the home stalls: Especially anything with plaid. So cosy (isn't the just the best name?) had piles of beautiful plaid blankets in different wools that I just wanted to jump into.

There were also a few baby stalls & one of my favourite's was just in the entrance; a french children's clothing store Chateau de sable. Some of the items (for instance cashmere cardigans) are, in my opinion, a little impractical for pukey babies but oh-my-goodness they are gorgeous. Everything was so chic & I did want to spend quite a fair amount but I could never afford to get Evie a wardrobe full of their items so I decided to take a catalogue & chose from the comfort of my home. I've got my eye/heart set on their caddy stripes dress, so we'll see when I cave.

Two other stalls that stood out for me are: Ostrich 2 love & Oliveira. Even though I didn't buy anything from them on the day I may revisit thier webpages when planning our wedding. I think the heart charm from Ostrich 2 love would make a cute bridesmaid gift & the shoes from Oliveira are so beautifully made that it would be silly not to consider them.

I really enjoyed our day out, I think shows like this are really lovely. I may never have heard of the retailers that were there if I hadn't popped along & it was the perfect event to take Evie to: She slept happily in the sling while getting some fresh air & I got a small amount of exercise while looking at gorgeous things with my mamma, win-win really.

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