Evelyn's 2 month update

Evie has been experiencing several blue spells in the last few days. We were admitted to hospital on Tuesday afternoon after her first two spells. Blue spells are a result of apnoea - where she stops breathing. The doctors have explained that she is fighting to cough up mucus when she needs to take an in-breath: Her skin goes grey & her lips go blue. Generally she will take a deep breath after a few seconds but there have been a few spells that have lasted a lot longer.

When these happen she's given oxygen & has the mucous she's been trying to cough up sucked out. I've cried & I've screamed & I've barely slept, but most of the time I'm managing to stay calm because most of the time she's perfectly fine. The doctors think she's got whooping cough so have taken swabs to test for that & to check for viruses, she's also had an x-ray & we will hopefully have all the results today.

I'm writing this post at hospital on my iPhone with my gorgeous, brave baby girl asleep on my lap. Although I'm finding the whole experience unbelievably difficult I wanted to write this to help me remember the easy & beautiful parts of parenthood. I will come back & include some more photos when we're finally home.

Age: 2 months

Weight/Height: 11lb 
Sizes: 0-3 months in most things, though her little jeggings are 3-6 months as are some of her cardigans but I do roll the sleeves up with those..
Sleep&food: this is a difficult one for me to answer without being influenced by how she is right now. She is asleep most of the time at the moment & isn't feeding very often, but when she wasn't unwell she had a pretty good routine. She was going down at 10:30pm every night & then waking at 2&7 for a feed. In the day she was napping & eating as she wished & her most wakeful periods were 8-10pm & 8-10am.
Evelyn's favourite thing: Her party dress from Sainsburys. But she'll only wear it with bloomers; showing your nappy to strangers is undignified. 

My favourite thing: Her DIY hair bows  that I've made. However little they are I'm proud to have been able to make something for her & they're super simple so I might write a post on how I made them. She doesn't wear them all the time, only really when she's wearing something androgynous. The general rule is: If there is no pink on the outfit - whack a bow on her head.
Milestones: Evie smiled her first smile on the 29th April & she's been steadily smiling more often ever since. She grins at George every morning & smiles when I sing to her. Her smiles are what have kept me calm while being in hospital, it's like she's reassuring me that she's not in pain. She even smiles at the doctors when she's awake & smiles in her sleep.
Best moment: Her first smile: My heart melted. We also received her passport which means that (as long as she's well enough) we will be going to Sweden at the end of the month to see our family.
What we've learnt: Whooping cough is more frightening for parents than it is dangerous for your baby, but it's not easy pretending that your not scared. Evie loves the outdoors & loves being around people, she also loves soft jazz songs & being propped up so she can look around.
Looking forward to: My birthday on the 23rd, moving in to our new house on the 24th & going to Sweden on the 27th. But above everything else I am most looking forward to Evie being well again.


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