Nostalgia - Flashback to the 90's

"yummy toes"

We're moving house on Friday which is tres tres exciting, but with moving comes packing which, let us be honest now, is really rather dull. I do try to see the positives in situations though & one of the things I actually rather enjoy about packing is finding items you hadn't looked at for a long time & I've got to admit I have wasted a good few hours this past week staring at photos. So I thought I would steal Zoe's (Zoella) idea & share some of my baby photos with you.

These photos mean so much more to me now that I'm a mum; I imagine my parents feeling the same way about me as I do about Evie & I look at these images knowing how proud I feel photographing Evie. Evelyn's middle names were chosen for my nanny Pearl & my mormor so I hope that those two photos will be as special to her as they are to me. 

"funny goats"
"smiley baby"

"my beautiful mamma"
"picnics with my dad"
"nanny pearl"
"cuddles with mormor"
"yes dad, I'll clean the bike for you."
"blending in with the curtains"

"Litter picking in the park"

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