Bank Holiday #1

I'm sure everyone gets a bit excited about bank holiday weekends. Even now when I'm not working I look forward to them, it's kind of replaced the "summer holiday" excitement I used to get when at school. Chuck in a bit of sunshine & I get so excited I nearly pee my pants.

On Saturday morning we drove to see some of our lovely family in St Albans. We took two cars so that my brother Isak could practice his driving without having to worry about having a baby on board. Mum, Evelyn & I stopped off at an inn for some pub grub (I had fish & chips, mum had a steak salad) & we got there just after 2.

I really love spending time with family & I appreciate it all the more because we don't get to see a lot of them as often as I'd like. I'd quite happily sit & chat without feeling that I need to do anything else.

On Sunday Val, Laura & I went for a walk with the kids (all 5 of them) to the park & then to the garden centre to check out the fish. I think I remember going there when I was a child & I'm sure I remember picking out a gold fish to take back with us. I didn't check with Val but I'm almost 100%. Either way the walk gave me a massive sense of deja vu & it was so nice to walk in the sunshine.

We were out for a good few hours so by the time we got back we had to make a move for home & it was at this point I realised we barely got five minutes to sit & chat - children are the biggest distraction.

The drive back was pretty standard, we stopped for our obligatory Macdonalds at a service station & got home just after 7. George had been racing near Bala so we hadn't seen him since Friday night & it was lovely to sleep next to him again (he was too tired to shower though so he did stink a bit though.)

Monday was even hotter than Sunday & English law states that you must have a BBQ on a sunny bank holiday, so as you can't argue with law we grilled some sausages, halloumi & mackerel for a garden feast. It was damn good. We then went for a walk around Rodborough common to burn off the calories & soak up the last of the days rays.

This all might sound very mundane to some of you but I love weekends like this one: We didn't spend any money on admission to anywhere or do anything out of the ordinary, but we got to spend time together & I kind of think that's what bank holidays should be about.

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