Evelyn's 3 week update

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, it's amazing how difficult I find concentrating on writing a new post when there's a baby anywhere near me. I find myself quite literally just staring sometimes - I've become a bit of a creep :D

It was George's birthday on Thursday & his mum brought around some photos of him when he was younger for me to put in Evelyn's baby album. She looks a lot like he did, which I think surprised him quite a lot, but I've always thought she looked a bit like him. Someone said it's very common for babies to look like their father initially to help with bonding, which is bloody clever if it's true.

We finally booked our tickets to go to Sweden in the summer so I've had the pleasure of applying for Evie's first passport. Did you know babies need a photograph these days? It seems so silly. The guidelines are exactly the same as for our photos (no smiling, white background, central face etc etc.) The only difference is that a baby can have their eyes closed, which I suppose is a blessing, but it doesn't quite tackle the problem that Evelyn can't hold her head up independently. Anyway after 3 hours of trying I THINK I have a photograph that should be acceptable & I will be sending the form off today, so everyone please keep their fingers crossed.

Age: 3 weeks.
Weight/Height: 7lb 2oz on Tuesday & 48cm long today.
Sizes: Some of Evie's "newborn" baby grows are too short for her now, but the vests fit good & snug.
Sleep&food: Evelyn still wakes every 3 hours for a feed but I've mastered the art of feeding while sleeping (well worth the effort of learning) so I'm getting a lot more shut-eye.
Evelyn's favourite thing: Milk. Her favourite thing to wear while guzzling milk however, has been a bluezoo stripe baby grow (RRP £8) which was a gift from Jan. It's footless which is perfect because her limbs are so long & she needs room to wriggle her toes. 

My favourite thing: I tried putting Evie in a sleeping bag last week but she was swallowed up by it, this week though they fit rather well & they are super practical for night feeds. We have 3 bags: Two from Sainsburys (which I cannot for the life of me find online) they were from my parents & my Grandad. The other was a gift from our neighbors Jane & Jamie, it is the Baby Cat & Friends Bag from John Lewis (RRP £22) &is really rather cute. I would recommend them to anyone who (like me) is a little bit lazy & doesn't fancy the old swaddling with a blanket game - talk about tedious.
Milestones: Being able to sleep while side-feeding has to be a milestone, it's a God send. Evelyn has also been signed over from the midwife to the health visitor & she gave her first ever birthday gift (whiskey) to her dad.
Best moment this week: George's birthday morning was lovely, he worked in the day until 8:30PM so I can hardly say the whole day, but having millionaire shortbread for breakfast set it up pretty well.
What we've learnt: That there is no such thing as a sick-day in parenting, babies don't cry when they vomit in their hair & George will always chose to ignore me when I ask him to change Evelyn's nappy at 6 in the morning.
Looking forward to: Starting the baby album, possibly seeing the girls for Joely's birthday on Saturday & using my new found energy to get organised.

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