The Nursery - Evelyns first room

With Evelyn's first birthday just around the corner I'm starting to think about moving her to the bigger room & making her current room into an office. The only thing that's stopping me is how much I love it: I think it's so precious so before I start rearranging I wanted to take a few snapshots of her room as it is now - mostly for myself but also to share with you all in case you were curious or looking for nursery ideas for small rooms.

My favourite thing about her room is the framed baby grow that's next to her window. It's the first outfit that she ever wore & it makes me so nostalgic. I'm sure it's not to everyone's taste but I think it's so cute & it was super easy to make.

The heart bunting is also a little DIY product that I did a few years ago & the little polka dot fish to the left of the hearts is a souvenir that George's mum bought back from Greece. I strung the fairy lights up for Christmas but Evelyn loves them so much that I've kept them there & I think they're sweet.

The blanket that's hanging on the chair is George's baby blanket & the one draped on the end of the cot is my baby blanket that my nanny Pearl knitted for me. The rest of her blankets are stored on the top right shelf of her changing area but mostly we use one of her sleeping bag's as they're the most convenient.

The majority of the furniture is from Ikea & I chose the white because I think that it looks fresh & makes the bits of colour stand out best - Evelyn loves the contrast. She's got a lot to look at in her room & I think that it looks really quite cheery.

On the window sill there is a little collection of books that are just there for colour, a night light, a piggy bank & a sewing box shaped as a house that we use to hold some playing blocks. Hanging on the window key is a handmade ceramic foot that my mum brought from a local shop when Evelyn had to go back into hospital after loosing too much weight.

On the other side of the room we've put a changing mat on top of an Ikea Expedit shelving unit we don't use the mat very often but it was useful occasionally when she was younger. I bought two door inserts & two drawer inserts to store her clothing in & because everything so small that's plenty of storage for her current clothes.

I love that everything has a place & even though it's a tiny room it's really functional & is never untidy. I'm going to miss it but I'm looking forward to a bit of decorating.

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