Evelyns 10 month update

I can't quite get my head around the fact that my daughter is 10 months old. In a few weeks I'm going to have to start planning her 1st birthday party: It's crazy exciting, but rather surreal.

We've had a lovely few weeks. We spent a lot of time with family over Christmas & have been able to start getting stuck into the wedding plans a bit more. Evelyn's changing so much: We almost don't feel like she's a baby any more. She's got to that in between stage where she's almost a toddler & has the most adorable personality forming.

She's had a bit of a cold which was less than ideal, but she's still a happy bunny & doesn't seem to be at all concerned by the vast amount of snot that she's producing. It's all good fun.

Age: 10 months
Weight/Height: Evelyn's legs are getting really lean from all the moving around that she's doing which is fun. Her weight is around a stone and a half & her height is 77cm.
Sizes: We're still using 4+ nappies & her clothes are pretty much the same apart from some of her baby-grows that have feet - they've become too short.
Sleep&food: Evelyn is sleeping approximately 12 hours a night now which is so lovely. In the days she sometime has a nap at 11 & 4 but they're pretty dependent on our daily walks. We're feeding Evelyn Hipp organic baby food as George & I are on a detox so it's not appropriate to share what we're eating. She's really enjoying them & I'm really happy with the ingredients that they use. Thumbs up from me. She's still breast feeding first & last thing which is slowly getting less as the days go on.
Evelyn's favourite thing: She was so lucky over Christmas, so I can't possibly name one thing that's her favourite item. Thank you so much to everyone who bought her a little something. We appreciate everything & feel so blessed that there are so many lovely people in her life. For want of answering the question thoguh: Evelyn does love having her hair brushed, so I guess that can be this months favourite thing.
My favourite thing: Her Clarks shoes, calpol & bubble bath.
Milestones: Evie can now clap her hands, pretty much on demand - tres adorable. She can also climb the stairs (assisted of course) & she has a few new words : nana, hiya, yeah, no & dog. Again, they're just noises & not said in association with what they mean but they're cute none the less. She also crawls to us to give cuddles & kisses which is so nice.
Best moment:  Christmas eve, Christmas day, seeing family, New years eve & meeting baby Dory.

What we've learnt: Babies catch a lot of colds, sale shopping is fun, crawling = bruises.
Looking forward to: My dads birthday, meeting the wedding caterer & seeing family. I hope that all of you are having a great start to 2014! x

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