Farm Life

On Tuesday we FINALLY managed to take some time to visit Georges grandad at the farm. It's the second time that Evelyn has been & only the fourth time that I've been able to visit. Which isn't anywhere near often enough but I hope that will all change this year.

It was a cold but sunny day which I love because you can wrap up warm & everything feels really fresh & it's the perfect weather for a walk - which is exactly what Jo & I did while the men moved logs for the fire.

We didn't manage to get very far, however, as I forgot to pack the buggy which left Jo & I taking it in turns to hold Evelyn - who is quite the wriggly lump - but we did take a stroll along a country lane & we did go to visit some of the farm animals.

Evelyn was rather uninterested in the calves, cows & horses but she found the ducks, cat & chicken hysterical. Which is understandable, because the ducks are hysterical. I'm not sure, but I think that they are Indian runner ducks - or at least something very similar. They look like they could fall flat any second & I've become quite enamoured of them.

The real reason for being there, & the nicest part of the visit, was seeing family. It just feels so comfortable & effortless being there & although I love coming home it was difficult to leave.

I hope 2014 has more of these trips in store.

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