Rosanna's 10 month update

I feel a bit emotional about this update, in part because it seems as though the year milestone is looming & in part because I didn't realise Anna was 10 months until yesterday & for some weird reason that made me feel like a "bad parent". I don't know why & I don't think it's a good way to feel but it happens sometimes nonetheless, so there we go.

Rosanna still sucks her thumb, some days more that others, and she prefers her left thumb so that one is often wrinkly as though she's been in the bath too long. Her hair is showing the early stages of curling, like Evelyns did, but overall it's still straight & auburn. Her eyes are still blue & other features like her long blonde eyelashes seem as though they'll stay.

She often climbs all of our stairs & is getting plenty of practise standing unassisted which is great fun to watch. I've gone back to work for a few days per week so meals are almost exclusively smaller portions of what we eat & cows milk is a firm favourite (thank you cows). Sleep is as it always has been: at least 12 hours at night & sporadic naps if & when she needs them, including mid meal like the photo at the end.

Tomorrow Jade & I are taking my girls to the HP studios so I'm going to try bringing out the books for bedtime reading again tonight. Evelyn's not a fan yet but Anna is happy to indulge me by falling asleep to my voice so maybe it will just be the two of us.

I'm excited to spend more & more days outdoors now the weathers picking up & am optimistic that our garden will be pretty enough for us to have picnics/bbqs with friends, or at least at the point where its not dangerous for kids anymore. The girls have a new wendyhouse to play in which is a greatly appreciated gift from Granny & Grandad (it's called Bramble Cottage if you're curious) so if nothing else that's ready.

The girls play beautifully together & are more than happy being left to their own devices while I tidy the house, work on an essay, or shamelessly see to my needs before theirs. I'm getting that little bit closer to finding balance & the girls are benefitting as much as I am.

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