Rosanna's 9 month update

I'm a bit late posting this as the last few days have been crazy busy but...little lady is 9 months old & currently fast asleep on my lap - sucking her thumb - both possibly a result of teething as Rosanna's two bottom teeth finally pushed trough(!!!) & as far as I'm aware that it cause for a good nap. Most days she tends to have a doze either in the morning or the afternoon but I've not set her a routine so I don't really know or depend on them; however, night-time is generally 7pm to 7am depending on what I've got to do in the morning or the evening.

The busyness is a result of Evelyn turning 3 which has seen us going on a few special day trips to the safari; I don't think that Anna was overly interested in the animals but she did love sitting in the front of the car while driving around.

There's been very little change in the way of growth, in fact she's still 71CMs, but all the crawling has meant that she's slimming down a little bit which suits her. Eyes are still incredibly blue & hair still has a slight auburn tint to it but some blonde has grown through at the back so who knows where that will go.

I'm still pretty hands-off with my parenting of the girls as I feel that's the best way for them to build their imagination, grow in confidence & learn to appreciate their own company; however, I do often  watch the two of them play together & am always thankful that they have each other. Anna learns a great deal from Evie in play time and at meal times & they often eat the same meals - though we're still offering baby food too as there's comfort and ease that comes with organic mush.

I'm continuing to buy Naty nappies in size 4 & clothes are a mixture of 6-9 & 9-12 months although there are still some newborn favourites like socks & dribble bibs that are in the mix. I made the decision to organise Evelyn's old clothing in to items rather than age groups as I find it's easier for me to rummage in a bag of t-shirts if Anna needs one that routinely grabbing the next age-groups bag with potentially ill-fitting or unused items in there.

Some of Anna's favourite games include peek-a-boo, being chased and tickled, rearranging our furnishings and exploring. I'm back to work in a little under two weeks so I'll have three days a week where I'm not in control which I'm looking forward to & it will be great for Anna to experience different company and routines.

 The bottom photo was taken by Evelyn on her new camera - I love baby feet!

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