Evelyn's 11 month update

This month has been a lot of little ups & downs. I've been quite exhausted & have felt run down for almost it's entirety but I feel very lucky to have such an amazing family supporting me so it's honestly been more positive than negative.

If you're curious as to why Evelyn looks so much more tanned than I do it is quite simple: She has eaten a lot of carrots lately. It turns out that having carrots in 3 out of 5 meals will result in a neon glow which is rather frustrating considering how difficult it is to find organic baby food without carrots in the ingredients. Any suggestions please let me know.

Age: 11 months
Weight/Height:   I think think that Evelyn seems taller but I've not been able to get the tape measure out when she's not been wriggling so I haven't got numbers this month yet. Sorry.
Sizes: Nappies are the same but I've now packed away everything that is 6-9 months & we are exclusively dressing her in 9 - 12 months which, depending on the brand, still vary quite a lot but they're all wearable.
Sleep&food: Bar last weekend when we were visiting family, Evelyn is doing reallywell with her sleep patern. We generally put her to bed at 6:30/7PM & she'll sleep (after a bit of grizzling) until 7:30/8AM - it's a lovely stretch of time that means George & I are starting to get our evenings back. She's doesn't nap very well in the days, especially as we can't really go for walks in this weather, but I can't complain at all as she's so good at night.
Evelyn's favourite thing: Her xylophone. We bought it for her for Christmas, it's from Wilkinson so was a complete bargain & it wooden (which I love) & in tune & brightly coloured & the easiest form of entertainment. She crawls to it every day with out fail & plays the cutest tunes. Best £6 spent in a long time.
My favourite thing: We were really lucky to be given a load of hand me downs from Stephen & Kirsten so Evelyn has so many new things this month that I honestly cannot just pick one. On a practical note however I have been loving Sainsbury's little ones nappies - we went back to anther brand briefly & they leaked everywhere so I've been really appreciating the little ones range.
Milestones: Evie is waving all the time, which is heart-warming. She'll also point a lot more if she wants to be told what something is or if she's being held she will point in the direction that she would like to go or to the person that she would like to be held by. She's become very cheeky & loves being chased around the room & has started to understand what she shouldn't be doing which has resulted in her testing the waters with what we really mean by "no". She holds her arms up to have her tops taken off when we ask, sings the "mama, dadda " song (just a lot of mamamama dadadada noises) when we're out driving & hold telephones or telephone shaped objects to her ear while chatting. She is also, very excitingly, standing independently quite often now - she can take a few assisted steps too but is more content with crawling so she's not overly bothered about practicing.
Best moment:  Taking Evelyn to the park for the first time, visiting family & valentines day was sweet too.

What we've learnt: Too many carrots = an orange baby & orange poo.
Looking forward to: Starting to plan a first birthday party, Frans birthday, meeting the florist for our wedding & Hannah's hen do - it's a busy month.

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