At the park

Tuesdays are George's day off & the one day that we are really able to be a little family so I treasure them a lot. Last week, despite it being a bit cold, we spent some of our afternoon at the park & I got some lovely snapshots that I wanted to share.

The park is really quiet at this time of year which is great as it means that there's no competition for the swings or pressure to get there at a certain time. Evelyn & I go past there every day on our walk together & it's slowly becoming a routine that, if she's awake, I'll push her on the swing for a bit & she loves it.

Evelyn is a bit clingy with me at the moment so it's really precious standing back & watching her & George play. Sometime I find that I notice things about her from a distance that I would normally overlook when she's so close all the time. I feel very lucky.

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