Wig Party - ebay purchase

Yesterday my lovely mum turned 50 & she decided that to celebrate she wanted to have a wig party at a pub local to us.

I'm pretty shy so I was a bit unsure about wearing a wig in public but it was so much fun. Everyone  is in the same 'boat' so I didn't feel silly at all & it was lovely to see the effort that people made. It also took about 10 minutes to get ready which is amazing. 

We got our wigs from ebay: I think they set me back £15 & took about 2 weeks to arrive. The yellow one was nothing like described & they were both pretty thin but the fibers were great quality for the price.

I chose mine because I've been thinking about dying my hair that colour for a little while & I wanted to see how it looked before I made a decision. What do you think?

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