Evelyn's 8 month update

This month has been so lovely, I've been surrounded by friends & family, & we had great fun celebrating my beautiful mum turning 50. I also met with my really talented photographer friend Emilie to take a few snap shots of Evelyn (including this one): I'm going to write more about that in another post next month but I had to include her angel shot as a little sneak-peak today. It is just the perfect representation of Evelyn at 8 months & I especially love that her little toes are on show because there's just something so scrummy about baby feet.

Age: 8 months
Weight/Height: She was 19lb 10 when she was weight on Wednesday & when I measured her last night she 74cm long! Her weight gain is going to slow down a bit now as she's becoming so active but she's growing perfectly & on her growth chart she is still in the 75th percentile; I don't really understamd what that means but it's encouraging none the less.
Sizes: Her nappy size has gone up to 4+ in the Naty nappies that we use & I've done another clear out of clothes as she's far too big for anything under 6 months now. Generally her items are 9-12 months but as always there are the odd exception to that rule.
Sleep&food: This is pretty much the same as last month. The only real development is that I left Evelyn with her daddy from about 5:30 the other night so that I could spend some time with my friends babyless & so she went down without any milk. She wont take the bottle & I was always a little concerned about leaving her but she slept through on her own which is such a big deal because I now know that I can have some freedom & she seems to be continuing to wean herself off of milk which is perfect.
Evelyn's favourite thing: She's interacting
so much more with her toys now, everything is fascinating to her. Her favourites  this month have been a little wooden elephant & a fabric snail. Non toy related things that she always desperately tries to grab are her baby wipe package, our phones, the remote & my keys. My baby is a cliche.
My favourite thing: Her little boots that we got at the NCT nearly new sale & our Maclaren stroller that I bought second hand. There's a picture of it in last months update but I've used it more this month which is why it's favourite today instead.
Milestones: Evie can push herself up to a crawling position but she's not quite crawling yet. She does however roll around the room to get to where she wants to be which is adorable. She also has 5 teeth now & she pushed herself up to seated on her own on the 10th, it's only been that once but it's amazing to know that she has built up the core muscles to be able to do that & I'm super proud.
Best moment: I've had some incredible moments this month, I think mums wig party was a highlight though & it was lovely that so many people got cuddles with Evelyn. It's was great fun.

What we've learnt: Babies bite, there are genuinely selfless people in the world & wedding planning is emotional but fun.
Looking forward to: Christmas (yeah I went there) & more specifically Christmas shopping for decorations. I'm also going to do 'Blogmas' this year which I'm super excited to bring you guys along for. I hope that you enjoy as much as I know I will.

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