Our garden project - Starting the foundations

Last weeks project was starting the dig - this week we began filling in where we dug out: Yet again it all feels terribly backwards & George has remarked how much he wishes we were just "putting the damn shed on the flat part of the garden" but I love it & I know it will look awesome when it's all done.

On Monday afternoon the lovely man from Travis Perkins popped over with his vehicle-mounted crane truck & unloaded our materials to the corner of our garden that is currently serving as the storage area.

Travis Perkins have been absolutely brill. The chap who did the unloading used a controller that made the whole experience look as though he was playing with a oversized claw machine (you know the ones - like in toy story) our baby cherry tree lost a few leaves but aside from that he did an amazing job.

Andy then laid wooden stakes & planks to create a form where it was needed along the back fence, we didn't need to do this on all four sides as the trenches that we dug served as a good enough area to be filled.

On Tuesday I woke George bright & early so that he could pick up Andy & the cement mixer for a busy day of labour. Cement mixing is pretty simple but the shoveling is terribly arduous & it wasn't long until both Andy & George were sweating buckets.

Rather the same as last week I wasn't expected to "muck in" so I spent my day cooking, baking & tea making. In truth I think they would have found me a hinderance if I did try to help but I can't help but feel as though I'm a little bit useless. But I suppose without me there would be no BLT's & that would be a travesty, no?

Kitten, being the curious sort, had to take a nose but thankfully didn't cause too much damage & Evelyn kept everyone company with her singing & rolling over on the lawn.

It took a good few hours to lay the foundation but it is now all level & ready for the tiny supporting walls to be built. First though we need everything to set & that will take at least a week, so much to George's delight things are now on hold.

Sometimes I wonder if we're doing the right thing taking this on ourselves but then I look at the photos & although they're not glamourous they are full of memories & I think it will be great being able to look back & say "we did that".

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