Evelyn's 4 month update

It feels like a lot longer than a month since I last wrote one of these, I really look forward to them. As silly as it sounds I don't think I would keep such a strict record of her development if it wasn't for these updates & I know I'm going to be grateful in the years to come.

Age: 4 months
Weight/Height: She is 64cm long annnnndd 14lb 10oz yay.
Sizes: For vests she wears 4-6 months, babygrows/trousers 6-8 months & jumpsuits without any feet I can still squeeze her into 0-3 months but she obviously has her legs sticking out.
Sleep&food: We are so lucky with Evelyn's sleeping pattern - it's not consistent to the minute but generally she will go down between 9/10pm & wake at 6/7am. she also has a little nap at 10am so I can do the cleaning & then also at 4ish so I can get dinner ready. She's still exclusively breastfed but she watches us intently when we eat & is starting to put anything/everything to her mouth so she's getting practice in for when we have a go at baby led weaning in the next few months.
Evelyn's favourite thing: Her 'Fem Myror' DVD that I bought her a few weeks ago. It's an old Swedish TV show that teaches the alphabet & numbers etc. I used to have it on video when I was a child & after deciding that we'd like to try to teach Evelyn Swedish it seemed the perfect thing to get to start her learning. We pop her in her bouncer in front of the TV every morning for 20 mins while we have breakfast & she giggles like a loon. It's so lovely.
My favourite thing: There's a lot of things that I'm thankful for like: Calpol & muslin squares but my less boring favourites are her Toffee Bear Bubble Buddy (RRP £12.95 - pictured) which Evelyn dribbles all over & absolutely adores. My other less boring favourite are the two pack body suits from H&M (RRP £4.99) they're really good quality for the price & I'd recommend them to anyone.
Milestones: Evelyn has completely cracked rolling onto her sides. She rolled for the first time on the 6th July & hasn't stopped since. She made it all the way to her tummy on the 12th but scared herself something silly after doing it because she doesn't have the upper body strength to push herself up with her arms so was just stuck & hasn't done it again since. She also kicks herself around in a circle. It's not speedy but there has been more than one occasion that I've looked away for a few minutes & she's done a 180 when I look back. Her favourite place to practice is the bath it's amazing watching her determination it's actually quite inspiring.
Best moment: Hearing her little laugh & watching her sense of humor develop. Each stage is as exciting as the last & I love watching her grow up.
What we've learnt: Wooden/laminate flooring is an absolute Godsend, there is no way I could have coped with the amount that Evie chunders if we had a carpeted living room. Teething in no fun what so ever & Evie sleeps with her eyes partially open like a crocodile.
Looking forward to: Meeting the new addition to our extended family: My lovely cousin Wendy welcomed her little girl into the world on the 14th & I can't wait to meet her. 

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