Evelyn's 3 months update

It feels like such a long time since Evelyn's 2 month update but somehow I also cannot believe she is already 3 months - isn't it funny how that works?

Age: 3 months
Weight/Height: Evelyn is 60cm long & weighs 13lb exactly. My arms must be getting a little bit stronger everyday from holding her.
Sizes: The sizes vary so very drastically. She's in 3-6 months for most things but her trousers are 6-9 months & some of her jumpers are still "newborn." Very strange.
Sleep&food: Evie is now sleeping through the night!!! generally I will put her down at 10 & she'll wake up for a feed at 6, but she's had a few nights where she will sleep more than that & the other day I actually had to wake her up for a feed at 7:45am because she'd been asleep since 9 & my boobs were about to explode. This does mean she eats almost non stop in the day though but I'm not complaining.
Evelyn's favourite thing: Her pink vans (RRP £20) that Hollie & Ollie bought her. They're still a bit big but they're far too cute not to dress her in. We love them, thank you so much.
My favourite thing: The caboo sling (RRP £56.95) that we own. It's a little bit hippie but I absolutely love it. Evie sleeps like an angel whenever she's in it & it was an absolute God send when we were in Sweden as it meant not having to take the buggy abroad with us.
Milestones: Sleeping through the night & the fact that she is sleeping in her own cot in the nursery has to be the biggest milestone. The cutest milestone has to be that she has started to "giggle"; it sounds a bit like a dinosaur at the moment but the intent is clear & it's adorable! She also loves to grab hold of things now (her favourite thing being my hair) & is bringing different things to her mouth to taste. She sucks her thumb & dribbles everywhere too & is making a lot of new sounds. It's been a busy month.
Best moment: Every morning Evelyn joins George & I in bed where she has her morning workout. She kicks her legs, punches with her arms & giggles her adorable giggle. It is so lovely to see her that happy & is the most amazing way to start every day. I never feel more lucky than I do in those moments.
What we've learnt: Flying with a baby isn't as bad as everyone makes out but moving into a new house with one is pretty slow going. "Vibrating" baby bouncers are the best form of distraction & will, without fail, give us at least 15 mins of baby silence: Win!
Looking forward to: Having the internet at home & having things more in order.

I have to apologise again for how little I have been blogging lately. I'm hoping that after our internet is installed (next Tuesday) & the new house is in order (optimistically the end of the month) I can then get a bit of order in when & what I post. Thank you so much for sticking with me & HAPPY FATHERS DAY!

4 Generations: Gudrun, Berith, Isobella & Evelyn.

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