A trip to Sweden - 50 year wedding anniversary.

George & me (how did I get so lucky?)
Sorry I haven't been blogging much lately; I've been unbelievably busy. We got back from Sweden on Tuesday & since then I've been buying, building & unpacking things for the house (I've quite literally been making Ikea furniture from 6am until 10pm.) There's also the small problem that our internet is not up & running yet & wont be until after the 16th (pretty mad about that really) so I've had to sneak back to mum & dads to post this.

As I don't have a lot of time to write anything particularly sophisticated I decided instead to upload a few cheeky snap shots from our trip to Sweden & let the pictures do the talking. We had a lovely time, I only wish we could have spent a little longer with the family. It's been 6 years since I last saw my cousins & that seems like far too long.

All of these photos were taken at my mormor & morfar's (grandparents) 50th wedding anniversary dinner & I want to take the time to say a massive congratulations to them both & a huge thank you for everything they did for us on our holiday.

50 years & still in love.

Me, mamma & baby Evie
My lovely cousins.
My brother Isak.
All on the pier.
My beautiful baby girl.

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