34 Weeks Pregnant

I have had a pretty stubborn cold this week: It was my dads gift that he bought back from Dallas, & without sounding unappreciative it wasn't the best gift ever. I have more snot than I know what to do with & I've been a bit cranky & prone to a few tears; so this week will be affectionately remembered as my snotty, emotional pregnancy update.

Unfortunately no amount of makeup or photoshop can hide my hideously "crusty" (isn't the just the worst word?) face & I do appreciate that my cold & pregnancy chub makes me look about 11 years old, but I'm guessing that my big shiny belly will detract from that. I hope you've all had a great week & if you've been unlucky enough to catch the bug going around I hope you feel better soon.

How far along? 34 weeks
Measurement at belly button: 29 inches in the morning, 40 in the evening.
Maternity clothes: I must admit maternity clothing hasn't been at the forefront of my mind this week, I've spent all of my money on tissues.
Stretch marks? I'm pleased to report that it doesn't seem like there are any. I do have linea nigra though, which makes my tummy look like a pokeball,
Sleep: Funnily enough I've been sleeping better in the day on the sofa than at night in bed. I seem to cough less in the day so there's less to compete with while I'm trying to nap, but sleep has still been pretty minimal none the less.
Best moment this week: Wii night at Fran & Pete's was lovely, Valentines was just a normal day but I enjoyed it anyway, & seeing Kath yesterday was lovely too.
Miss anything? Tummy sleeping (I think that's the third time I've mentioned that - I'm not bitter at all).
Movement: Not a huge amount, but not infrequently enough to have me worried, maybe baby has a cold too. 
Food cravings: Not even a nibble.
Anything making you queasy or sick? I tried some lasagne because I desperately want to be able to eat mince but I couldn't get through more than a mouthful before feeling unwell. I will keep trying though.
Gender: If it's a boy I'll be buying it a flannel baby grow, how cute would that be?
Labour signs: Nada.
Symptoms: Any & all have been masked by the symptoms of cold.
Belly button in or out? Out - hence the pokeball reference.
Happy or moody most of the time: I've been moody & I've actually felt rather down, which is totally normal & entirely acceptable, but it has been difficult for me & for George. Nesting has helped, as has having nice toenails.
Looking forward to: Feeling chipper again, helping out with Katharines "bump" shoot tomorrow, Fran's birthday meal & putting the moses basket in prime position in the bedroom (makes it all that much more real.)

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