One Week Left

We're getting married next week (!!!!) so in prep we had some pre wedding photographs taken by the gorgeous Emilie & Jessie of Paper & Primrose.

George & I are rather camera shy so the idea of being snapped & papped on our big day is pretty intimidating to us, especially posed photographs, so I was keen to get some practice in. Our wedding day photographers are flying over from Sweden to shoot us so a pre-wedding shoot with them wasn't really an option but we were really lucky that Emilie & Jessie were happy to step in & take some truly gorgeous photographs.

As well as giving us the confidence to relax in front of the camera it also gave me a great opportunity to try out a few hair styles in a "real" setting. For the afternoon shoot I wore my hair in a side chignon & during our sunset shoot I wore it half up - I felt a lot more like myself in the latter style but despite the wind being more aggressive during the afternoon I felt like I had to contend with it a lot more to have it looking "right".

It was also really nice for me to see the difference between George in his comfort zone (denim shirt & vans) & the more traditional quirk of wearing a bow tie. I look at the photographs with him in the bow tie & love them & think he's the most handsome man in the world but it's the ones with him looking like "my George" that he looks most handsome. To me anyway. & it's helped me feel more calm about taking away some of the traditional elements to our wedding & just going with what's "us".

I enjoyed every second of our shoot: From contending with the wind, to doing star jumps at 8:30PM in order to add some warmth back into our bodies. We forgot every worry & every stress & just enjoyed each others company. Emilie & Jessie made us feel so comfortable & I adore every photograph I have seen so far & am so excited to see the rest.

I think the combination of Emilie's experience as a photographer & Jessie's success as an illustrator make these two a really formidable, talented pair & I'm excited to see the joint venture that is Paper & Primrose blossom into the power-house that I'm sure it will become. I would highly recommend meeting with them if you're looking for a wedding photographer. I guarantee you'll fall in love with their vision & passion.

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