My baby girl has turned one! I can't actually comprehend how quickly this year has gone & I can't get my head around having a daughter who's age isn't counted in months any more.

Age: 12 months/365 days/1 year old
Weight/Height: Weight - not a clue, height is still 77cm. Nothing new here.
Sleep&food: I think that Evelyn's taste-buds must be going through a change as she's become a little bit fussy about what/when she eats. Her favourite foods, however, are: Dates, bananas, chili rice & Philadelphia cheese spread on toast. Mostly she will eat 'finger foods' with her chubby hands but she also tries to spoon feed soups/purees/beans herself which is great but very messy & a bit wasteful. She still let us 'feed' her porridge & yoghurt without too much complaint though so that's requires less clean-up & at then I'm 100% sure what nutrients she's actually getting down her. Sleep is great - she has one nap in the day at 11 after/during our daily walk & sometimes a bonus nap at around 3:30/4. At night she'll go down at 6:30/7 & wake at 6:30/7 the next morning. Her granny bought her a cot toy that she plays with so we don't have to get up until 7:30/8 which is blissful.
Evelyn's favourite thing: There are too many things - she's been really blessed with gifts for her birthday. One non materialistic thing that she's loving though is being able to crawl on the grass. We have waterproof trousers that she wears & she loves exploring the different smells & textures of the garden. It's adorable.
My favourite thing: George & I bought Evie a ballerina ragdoll for her birthday that obviously I love. I'd decided I wanted to buy her first doll for her birthday a while ago but it was actually Evie that picked this particular one when we were shopping. It's adorable.
Milestones: Having a first BIRTHDAY! Despite many false alarms Evelyn is still not walking. She is absolutely capable of doing so but I think that, at the moment, she thinks crawling will get her somewhere faster so she doesn't bother. No rush though. As I've already mentioned: She's feeding herself almost exclusively which is a pretty big step. She also has 12 teeth now. Her first 4 molars have come through - some further than others - & it's been a pretty miserable process for her. She's had a lot of fever & pain with them that's lasted longer than any of her incisors which has been tough but she's been brave & I'm always so grateful of how happy she is to take calpol - it works wonders.
Best moment:  Her birthday party, Hannah's hendo, meeting the wedding florist, having Rosie dog to stay & lots of other baby 1st birthday parties. It's been a busy month.

What we've learned: We love the sunshine, reading is calming, sleep is important & mobile phones are frustratingly addictive - even for babies.
Looking forward to: Mothers day, my brothers 18th, George's birthday, Hannah & Previns wedding, more sunshine & Joelys leavings drinks (though this is bitter-sweet).

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