Le Jour, La Nuit, Le Weekend De Chanel

I'm a huge fan of strolling around the beauty counters in department stores. I used to find them intimidating but recently I've relaxed a bit & started to really enjoy the experience.

The last few times I've been on the hunt for foundations & a few weeks ago I stopped by at Chanel to try on the Vitalumier Aqua (which was lovely) & while I was there I got chatting to the visiting expert about how dehydrated my skin is & she thought I should try these three out.

As a general rule I don't like to write about mini freebees as I don't feel that I can get enough use out of them to give an honest opinion but these three together lasted me a fortnight & I really enjoyed using them so I decided to make an exception. The full sized products are 50ml which should last you a few month if using them as instructed.

I was advised to use each product after cleansing & before moisturising. Le Jour De Chanel in the mornings, La Nuit De Chanel in the evenings & Le Weekend De Chanel on the weekends. I used them in place of my serum as I felt like that's where they should sit in my cleansing routine.

Le Jour is translucent lotion where as La Nuit & Le Weekend are an opaque white cream. They all smell amazing & encourage you to massage your face for longer than you may without including this step, but I'm not sure I'm sold on the idea of 3 products working together over the week. I didn't personally find that Le Weekend De Chanel did a lot more for my skin than La Nuit. I would be temped to stick to just Le Jour & La Nuit & indulge with a face mask, glass of wine & bubble bath for the weekend. 

Individually they cost more than I expected but I don't think that they are necessarily over priced. I do however think that, for the average person, parting with £192 for three products that add to, rather than replace, a step in your cleansing regime is probably going to be a bit eye-watering.

Since swapping back to my serum my skin hasn't missed Chanel but I can't deny that my dressing table has. There is something so beautifully chic about Chanel & I can honestly say I felt happy seeing it there in the morning & evening. I'm aware of how shallow that may sound but I do believe that it doesn't matter how effective something is if you find it a chore to use & are miserable after using it. These are gloriously easy to add to your existing regime & I defy anyone not to feel more glamorous after using them.

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