Christmas Cake - Blogmas Day 24

God Jul everyone! It's our Swedish Christmas today so I'm going to be busy busy busy which means today's post is going to be super short.

Some years I'm a domestic goddess (perhaps a little bit of sarcasm) but this year I grabbed a Christmas cake kit from Waitrose as it worked out a lot cheaper than buying the ingredients separately & it also saved a lot of prep time.

To decorate I wanted to build a house on top from a kit that Aimee bought us but it was crazy complicated & I failed miserably. (Aimee if you're reading this I'm sorry that we couldn't get proper use our of the house but thank you so much for giving it to us.)

After trying for about half an hour to follow the house instructions I gave up, freaked out a bit & resorted to just using the smarties that came in the pack to create a rather juvenile-but-still-cute design.

I have absolutely no idea how it tastes as I took it along to a friends Christmas party & didn't try any, but it all smelt pretty damn good & I've not heard any complaints yet.

The Waitrose kit doesn't need to be fed (have booze poured over at weekly intervals) so if there are still any available & you fancy having a go at making one for tomorrow it's still not too late.

Merry Swedish Christmas everyone!!!

Not a fan of Christmas cake? Check out my carrot cake alternative here.
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