Inglot - Freedom System

I've been looking for an excuse to buy the five pallet Inglot freedom system for a while: I finally caved after checking my paypal account & realising I had exactly the right amount to pay for the pallet, 5 shadows & for delivery. Fate right?

Inglot have an overwhelming collection of eyeshadow squares to choose from so it was super difficult for me to narrow it down to 5 but I ultimately chose these because they're the sorts of colours that I use daily & I like to have my shadows together in one place so that I can cart them around with me whenever I travel.

From left to right the colours are 151, 153, 349, 327, 391. The last three shades are Inglot's "matte" formulation; they're a great quality & are nicely pigmented, my only niggle is that I do get a little bit of fall out when applying them so there is a tiny amount of wasted product. That's so easily over-looked though because the value for money on these is insanely good & unless you're very heavy handed with your brush you shouldn't loose too much shadow.

The first two shades are Inglot's "shine" formulation which are a dream to apply. The colours
are so rich & so pigmented that they almost look like a cream shadow. I haven't experienced any fall-out with these two & their staying power is amazing. I am sorely tempted to invest in another pallet just filled with different shades of shine but for now these colours are perfect & they are without a doubt some of the favourite shadows that I own.

I'm so impressed with the quality of these products & I think that all of these shades work really well together. I wear 151 as a highlighter in the corner of my eye, 153 all over my eyelid, 327 in the crease, 391 along my lash line & 349 on my eyebrows. Each square costs £4.50: the matte formulation is 2.3g & the shine formulation is 3.2g so they're a really decent size & should last a pretty long time.

The pallet itself is a really good quality too & looks very professional. The system is magnetic so you can have the lid on top to protect your shadows & you can also neatly pop it on the bottom of the pallet when you're using it. It's also perfect for when you have multiple pallets as you can stack them together & everything's just super tidy.

It was really easy to put the shadow squares into the pallet & you can take them back out by carefully using a tweezer to lift the corner. I would still suggest thinking about the order that you want them in before placing them though as there is always the possibility that you'll slip & gauge out a chunk when removing them which is never a happy moment.

There are several different options for the size of pallet that you choose; ranging from the 2 square (£5) to the 40 square (£24). The 5 pallet cost me £7 so with all the shadows I paid a total of £29.50 which I think is such a bargain. I love that you choose your own colours & I love that there is such great flexibility on how many products you buy & how you pay.

I've not personally been to an Inglot store so I bought these completely blind which is quite intimidating but I'm so glad that I did & I think these sorts of shades are a real staple for any makeup kit. I don't know anyone who wouldn't be pleased to have these in their life, they're grand.

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