NCT Nearly New Sale

Short sleeve vests
Yesterday I went along to our local NCT nearly new sale for a bit of baby item bargain shopping. The last time I went was when I was pregnant & didn't know our babies gender so I didn't actually buy that many items. This time I was super excited to buy girly things for Evelyn & I found some real gems.

I'm not going to say how much I spent until the end of the post because I always think it's fun to guess. I went with the intention of buying winter clothes but I also found a few things in larger sizes for next spring/summer.

We got: 3 John Lewis long sleeve vests (similar RRP £10), 3 short sleeve vests, 3 ribbed tights, a cashmere babygrow (similar RRP £66), a Monsoon summer dress (similar RRP £30), a pair of Mothercare boots, one Mothercare pj top & trousers (two pack RRP £14), a Mothercare dress with nappy cover, Next dungarees & a Rock a Bye baby coat. I also got a Mothercare changing rucksack for when I have Evelyn in the sling & can't carry my normal changing bag comfortably.

As well as all the clothing items I got a Lindam door bouncer (RRP £19.99). My friend Hannah has the same one for her baby boy Olly so Evelyn's been in one before & I know that she loves it. It was the item that I spent the most on but it's also the item I'm most happy about finding.

Long sleeved vests
Change bag
Dungarees & dress with nappy cover
Cashmere babygrow & PJ's
Summer dress & coat
Tights & Boots

For anyone who hasn't been to an NCT sale here's a few pointers:
  • Get there early if you don't have membership. We arrived half an hour early & were still queuing behind more than 20 people.
  • Bring cash for the entry fee. - I don't know if the cost is the same for every sale but ours cost £1.
  • Make a list of what you're hoping to find. - You can get carried away other wise & if you know what you want the most you can look at those stands first & avoid missing out on the good items.
  • Pick up everything that's a 'maybe' then sit in a corner, choose what you definitely want to buy & put back the rest.
Okay, so, the cheapest item was the coat which was 50p & the most expensive item was the door bouncer which I got for £4.50. I have no idea how much everything would have cost new but I ended up spending £20 which I think is an absolute bargain & the quality of the items are great. I love nearly new sales.

How much did you guess that we spent?

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