Flag Nails

My Mormor & Morfar (mother's parents) have come to visit for a week, they arrived from Sweden yesterday evening & I thought it might be fun to paint the Swedish flag on a few of my nails & see how long it would take them to notice. So far only my Mormor has commented on them but I don't know if that means that my Morfar hasn't clocked them or that he thinks their hideous: it may be the latter.

The design itself was rather rushed as Evelyn has got her first teeth cutting through & is needing a bit more attention at the moment, so they don't look as neat as I would have like but I still think they're fun. The two polishes that I used are Maybelline's colour show in: Superpower blue & Electric yellow. They were both £2.99 from boots & I really like them.

The blue is a little more 'peacock blue' that it appears in the picture & is more warm toned than most blues. The polish is really easy to apply & you could probably get away with only having one coat. As with all yellows I would recommend using a white polish under but actually it doesn't look too bad without it. 

I appreciate the Swedish flag isn't a design that many of you will have reason to sport but i'm really proud of my heritage so it's nice to be able to show it off every now & then. I only did one of my right hand as I thought it looked a bit more edgy & I wanted to show you how it looks on every nail & just with a statement nail.

Which do you prefer?

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