Wednesdays Words #1 - The Beginning

Anyone who knows me will know that I'm a bit of compulsive pinner; I love me some Pinterest! Initially all I looked at were makeup images & the occasional cute dog but as different events have happened in my life the "boards" have multiplied from 1 to 12 & one of my new favourite things to search for are inspiring words.

Sometimes the quotes/phrases that I read don't make sense, sometimes they're miserable, sometimes they're a failed attempt at being profound & sometimes they inspire me, motivate me or just embody exactly what I've been trying to express but haven't known quite how to word it. I figured I would share some of the words that fall under the latter categories & this one made perfect sense for today.

2013 has been the beginning for so many big things in my life & it has also been the beginning of many small adventures like meeting new people & trying new hairstyles. Each thing has been a little bit scary but they've also been incredible & exciting. Everything has shaped me into the person that I am right now.

I've promised myself that I'm not going to be afraid to try new things - if they don't work out I can always choose a new beginning. Life's not fixed to one path - you don't HAVE to continue down a road you don't like - you can try anything you want, all you have to do is start something new.

What is it that you're beginning?

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