ZARA Office City Bag - Review

I haven't bought a new handbag in such a long time; I'm a real believer in using something until it falls apart & all of my bags have been doing just fine. More recently though, I've been looking for a handbag with multiple compartments & I stumbled across this one & fell in lust.

This bag looks set to become the "bloggers handbag" for spring 2013, everyone seems to have one but I haven't found many reviews. So here I am - review glasses on (figurative not literal), bag in hand & product information up on the ol' phone - ready to write my own. Let's get started...

The bag is called the "Office City Bag" from ZARA; it's a BIG bag (30x42x15cm with nothing in it) but it's not bulky or heavy. The outer material is a lightly textured black polyurethane & the lining is a gorgeous maroon coloured polyester.

There are 3 main zipper compartments & the two compartments in between have magnetic "poppers" to hold them shut. All three zippered compartments are bucket compartments, without any hidden pockets, but the middle compartment is padded with the intention of allowing you to safely store your laptop (I tried my Sony Vaio & it fitted with room to spare.)

The first of the two in-between compartments has an area for: Your phone, 5 cards & a zippered pocket that can (at a squeeze) fit most mobile phones, which is perfect if you want extra security. The second has a zippered pocket designed to fit your tablet or kindle. I tried my "i pad" in there & it fits, but as the zipper might scratch your device I probably wouldn't suggest using it without a case or cover.

The two handles are really sturdy & there is a detachable long strap with a lightly padded shoulder rest that is really handy for when the bag is filled to the brim. You can't stuff each compartment in the same way that you could a bucket satchel, but you can still fit a lot in there & because of it's design everything becomes really easy to find.

All of the metallic elements on the bag are a cool-toned gold colour & the zip pulls have ZB engraved into them, which looks lovely - as does the entire bag - but there's one niggle that I have to point out: There are a lot of zippers. This is great for organising, but not so great for the odds of one being a bit "stiff." I chose not to buy online for this reason & would strongly recommend going to your local store & trying the zips before purchasing the bag. This isn't a design fault, it's just the risk that you take with any mass-produced, mass-zippered product: They can't all be perfect.

Overall I am really happy with the bag & I would recommend it to anyone looking for something similar. I'm personally going to be using it as a changing bag (glamourous I know) but I would certainly be trading my old work bag for this one if I needed to. It's a bargain & I love it.

The Office City Bag retails at £49.99 & is eligible for free shipping.


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