Shu Uemura Cleansing Beauty Oil - Review

I've loved Shu Uemura ever since I bought their eyelash curlers years ago, but I hadn't considered trying their skin care products until a few weeks ago. I do tend to be happy paying a little bit more for skin care products, but if I do it will usually be on someone's recommendation & Shu Uemura isn't a brand that you tend to hear a lot about so paying nearly £30 for 150ml of cleansing oil was difficult for me to justify. However, after trying it out I really don't understand why there's not more hype around the brand.

The oil that I tried was their Cleansing beauty oil a/o & I'm really happy with the results. You apply the oil with dry hands onto a dry face, add a small amount of lukewarm water to emulsify & then rinse all the product off with more water. The whole process is hassle-free & perfect for people who, like me, love the benefits of cleansing but don't love how timely it can be.

The oil contains catechin, which is derived from green tea & it smells as fresh & good for you as a cup of green tea does. The oil is really easy to apply & because of it's texture you get an even coverage with minimal product so it should last a long time. It removes makeup well & my skin feels squeaky clean after I've rinsed off the product, that clean feeling also stays until you wake up in the morning - which is great.

It's helped make my skin feel more hydrated, but because it cleanses so thoroughly I would always suggest using it with a moisturiser. Overall I'm really pleased with the results & would say it's a great buy if you're looking for a new cleanser. There are sometimes samples available to take away at their counters so if you are near one I would highly suggest asking to try it out.

The Cleansing beauty oil a/o retails at £29.50 for 150ml & £59 for 450ml. You can search for a store local to you here,  or you can purchase any of their products from their online store.

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