Happy Valentines - Craft

I think valentines is a great reason to fill your day with a bit of love - regardless of wether that love is for a person, a pet or even an activity: It doesn't have to be all about red roses & a candle lit meal. I decided to use Valentines as an excuse to do something that I enjoy, so I got crafty & made some heart bunting.

It was really, really easy to make & I think it turned out super cute so I wanted to share how I made it just incase you wanted to inject some romance into your decor. I hope that you have an amazing valentines day whatever you end up doing <3 <3 <3

What you'll need: Coloured paper, Scissors & a ruler or a guillotine, Stapler & Staplers, Twine, Double sided sticky tape.

Step by step:

  1.  Cut the coloured paper into strips of the same size - mine ended up being 12cm long & roughly 2cm wide.
  2. Split the strips into piles - you need 6 strips per heart, so I had 2 dark blue, 2 mid blue & 2 light blue on each pile.
  3. Put aside enough twine to hang your hearts onto & cut the rest of the twine into equal lengths: Enough for one strip of twine per heart - mine were roughly 20cm
  4. Sellotape your twine into a circle & put one with each pile.
  5. Organise the strips into the order you want your hearts to appear - For the light colour on the outside my order was: dark blue, mid blue, 2 light blue, mid blue, dark blue. For the dark colour on the outside my order was: light blue, mid blue, 2 dark blue, mid blue, light blue.
  6. Staple the strips together as close to the bottom edge as possible.
  7. Place the circle of twine next to where you stapled, in the middle of the two colours that will form your outside heart & make sure that the sellotape is in the same area as the staple.
  8. Make sure that the twine is sticking to the strips of paper & staple just above the twine.
  9. Softly pull the two outer strips apart & bring them to a point away from the twine circle- this should make a heart shape.
  10. Do the same for the next two colours, ensuring that you have a slightly larger heart each time.
  11. When your hearts look like the picture staple the points together at the bottom of the outer colour.
  12. Cut away the excess paper so that you can't see the layers bellow the bottom staple.
  13. Repeat until you have as many hearts as you want on your bunting.
  14. Slide each heart onto the long twine that you put asside, hang up & enjoy.

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