The Daffodil - Cheltenham

I'm not a food critic or even a food snob, but I am particular about how & where I spend money & because of this there are only a few restaurants that I've felt confident to going back to for a second visit. Last night was my fourth time at the Daffodil; there is a charm about the place that makes it one of the first restaurants I think of when considering celebrating an occasion away from home & we had a lot to celebrate last night.

The venue is stunning & easy to find, but parking is all on road so it's difficult to find a space - prepare for a walk. On Monday nights & Sunday lunch times there is a live Jazz band which is really lovely & perfectly in keeping with the theme of the venue.

The food was, and always is, really great.There's a diverse selection of food for each course & the wine list is good (though I wasn't able to try what was chosen - just water for me.)

To start I chose the Warm Salad of Pheasant with bacon, mushrooms, a poached egg & red wine dressing. It was a great starter, the perfect size & a really nice balance of flavours. My only criticism was that I could taste the vinegar on the poached egg, but the may just be down to over sensitive pregnancy taste buds.

For my main I went for the Sirloin Steak with Garlic & parsley butter & a side of chips. The meat is sourced locally & was one of the nicest bits of meat I have had in a long time. It was also perfectly cooked (medium rare) & I will probably be comparing all future steaks to it.

I don't have a sweet tooth, in fact I will always chose a savory dish over a sweet if I could only chose one, but for some reason I always struggle to decide on a desert. I think I feel nervous that I will regret my choice & for that reason it was a real no-brainer to share the Bite-size Desert plate with George. There was a Creme Brulee (which is a firm favourite of mine & did not disappoint), Potted Lemon Meringue Crunch (which was massive), Warm Chocolate Fondant (George's favourite), Warm Apple & Almond Tart (with vanilla ice-cream), and Popcorn Pannacotta. The pannacotta was my favourite & was a really generous size, I was in desert heaven.

If I were rating the evening on the company & the food alone I would happily give it 5 stars, but the quality of the food was tainted by the rudeness of some of the staff:

I was greeted by a woman who spoke to me in a manor that I have only seen replicated in movies when a high end shop assistant approaches a scruffy customer, we were served drinks by an unsmiling teen who needed to be told 5 times who was drinking coke & towards the end of our evening we ignored by our waiter after 2 pretty girls were seated in his section.

I have had more pleasant experiences that unpleasant but I will, unfortunately, find it difficult to forget the rudeness & will probably not go out of my way to revisit. That being said I do still think the food is great & I would not discourage anyone from going - you never know why people act the way that they do - they might all have been having a bad night...

The full menu & prices can be found on The Daffodil's Website along with more details about the venue & events.

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